Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Single-Most Effective Marketing Strategy There Is

Secret Marketing Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategy

“Direct mail is dead. It’s the age of e-mail.”

Oh, no it isn’t.

Direct mail is not only NOT dead, it’s the most alive and kicking form of marketing there is.

Don’t believe us?

Let’s take a look at the figures…

Direct Mail Has The Highest Response Rates

In 2015, the Direct Mail Association (DMA) found that direct mail outperforms all other digital channels by 600%.

That would be amazing, if it were true!  But is it?   What are the response rates (aka “open rates”) the direct mail and other ways of getting your brand out there?

Marketing folks will tell you that typical response rates on most marketing strategies – or the percentage of pieces sent in which the sender receives a reply – fall between 0.1% to 5%.  They’ll also tell you that 2% is a “good” response rate.

If that’s the case, the only GOOD marketing strategy is direct mail because postcard marketing has an average response rate of 3.7%, while nothing else even comes close to 1%:

  • Mobile = 0.2%
  • E-mail = 0.1%
  • Social Media = 0.1%
  • Paid Search = 0.1%
  • Display Advertising = 0.02%

Bottom line: direct mail crushes every other form of marketing.

A Few Tips On How To Get A Higher Response Rate

Now that you know just how effective direct mail can be, let’s take it one step further and offer you some tips on how to increase your response rates.

  • Use postcardsPostcards are a great way to showcase your brand or product effectively without breaking the bank – and they don’t depend on the recipient opening them because they are already open! As soon as a postcard comes out of the mailbox, it’s being read.
  • Use a good mailing list– The success of your postcard marketing campaign is going to rely on 2 key things: your message and who you’re sending that message to. A good way to skick things off is by mailing to your existing clients and past prospects.  If this isn’t an option, however, or if that list is small, another option would be to buy a mailing list.  Just keep in mind that if this is the route you decide to go, you should focus more on the QUALITY of the list verses the QUANTITY.  What we mean is mailing to a list of prospects who meet your buyer persona instead of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the neighborhood.

 Direct Mail Is the Way to Go

Direct mail generates high response rates – and high response rates translate into new customers. From there, it’s about taking care of them properly and earning their loyalty.  Getting lifetime customers who are ready to share your brand with others are the best people in the world.  But it all starts with that one key piece of marketing collateral: a postcard.

So what are you waiting for?   Check out our website, view our extensive list of postcards – and then give us a call so we can help you get your campaign off the ground!



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