1. Is there a process to finding marketing influencers?

According to Tabitha Naylor Clearwater, “The first thing you have to do is create outstanding content. Without content that people find actionable, informative and useful, you have no chance at establishing the credibility in your industry that would draw the attention of influencers.” But it’s not enough to create outstanding content for a few months; you really have to sustain that quality for a couple of years to prove that you’re not a fluke. And to prove that you have discipline and that you have ideas that are sustainable.

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She also thinks it’s very important that you are growing your business at the same time that you’re offering great content. So if you own a marketing agency as Tabitha does, you are continuing to grow your client list and they are referring you to other prospective clients, which just adds to your brand and your profile.

Then you have to do research and figure out which market influencers’ best match your vision and target them as people with whom you want to have a relationship.  You can use tools such as blogger outreach platforms (finds blogs in your industry) and social mention services (see who has mentioned you on their social media platforms) to further refine your search.


Remember that “influencers” aren’t just other experts in your field; they are also consumers who actively love and support your brand.


  1. Where do market influencers sign up to become a market influencer?

Tabitha Clearwater doesn’t feel that anyone “signs up” per se to become a market influencer. For her it’s an organic process that evolves from establishing credibility and authority in a field, which makes others in that field want to cultivate a relationship with you. She disagrees that you can set a goal to become an influencer, in other words, she thinks it is the end-result of many factors, including outstanding brand creation, expertise and earning trust in the market place.


  1. Are you a market influencer?

Well, after years of hard work, Tabitha Nayloris receiving more and more offers to write guest blogs and offer her insights on a variety of marketing topics, so that’s a good sign that she is trending in the right direction. It’s all about getting on the radar of influencers you respect, and continuing to deliver the quality that confers credibility.

For any information about Tabitha Naylor Clearwater, visit her website at http://tabithanaylorclearwater.com

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