As internet connections get faster and cheaper, and devices like smartphones and tablets become more powerful, video content continues to grow as an important part of online marketing. Especially through social media, video marketing techniques have been shown to greatly increase audience engagement.

Video Marketing

If you’re not using, or planning to use, video as a part of your marketing campaigns, you could be leaving money on the table. Here are six tips to help you get started, and get the most of video marketing.

Know Length Limits

The different social media and sharing platforms have different limits on the length of the videos they support. You should decide where and how you want to display your video first so you know what length is going to work best.

Facebook will allow uploads of videos up to 120 minutes, while Twitter recommends keeping them under 30 seconds. Instagram will limit you to just one minute, and Snapchat gives you only 10 seconds.

While most of these limits are very restrictive, you can also consider hosting your video yourself, or putting it on a third party site like YouTube or Vimeo, and then sharing the link to the video rather than trying to upload it directly to social sites.

Take Advantage Of Autoplay

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer autoplay for the videos they host. This means that a video showing up in a user’s feed will automatically begin playing when it scrolls over the screen.

Take advantage of this by making those first few seconds enticing. Start with interesting images that will grab attention, or movement that catches the eye.

Add Subtitles

Many users will try to watch videos with the sound very low, or even muted. They don’t want to disturb, or alert, others nearby. They could be at work, or in a place like a doctor’s waiting room, where they don’t feel comfortable turning the volume up.

Adding subtitles will allow these users, as well as those who might be hearing impaired, to follow along and get all of the information you are trying to present.

Grab Attention Early

Even if viewers like video content, their attention span is still short. If you don’t capture their interest in the first few seconds, they are likely to just move along.

You might need a minute, or a few, to fully explain your topic, but make sure you tell the viewer exactly what you’re going to do for them in the first few seconds. If they don’t know what is going on within the first 10 seconds, you’re going to lose them back to the never ending stream of things popping up on their screen.

Make How-To Videos

One of the things people search for and share the most is information on how to do something.  Be creative about working your products or services into topics where you can teach the viewers something.

For example, a men’s fashion company might release videos on interesting alternatives for necktie knots or emergency methods for hiding or removing a spot on a jacket. The idea is to get your name and products in front of viewers, without just making it a commercial for your products.

Play On Emotions

Nothing inspires people to act like something that resonates with them emotionally. Content that invokes fear, sadness or laughter has been proven to achieve a higher number of shares.

Sadness and fear might not fit in with every industry, but there are ways to make just about anything funny. One of the most creative and successful video marketing campaigns ever to grace the Internet came from the manufacturer of an inherently boring product — the common kitchen blender. Blendtec released the Will It Blend campaign and the Internet just couldn’t get enough of it. Nobody could believe these guys were throwing everything from golf balls to iPads into a blender just to see what would happen.

Have we got your creative juices flowing? You never know, you just might be the next viral Internet phenomenon. Be creative and experiment. Adding videos to your marketing efforts is sure to bring you increased results.


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